After the closing date for submissions, all nominations are collected and reviewed by a panel of internationally respected judges from a variety of industry sectors and disciplines – guaranteeing objectivity and credibility.

The judges use the published criteria to score the entry. The highest scored entry is deemed the winner of that category. Judging is based on the strength of the submissions and according to the award key criteria.

Winners will be announced only on the night of the Awards ceremony itself.

The judges’ decision is final and neither the organisers nor the judging panel will enter into any correspondence about the results.


We recognise and respect the sensitive nature of the information submitted in the entries. Entries are not disclosed or discussed outside of the judging process. We do not publish the names of companies, organisations or individuals that have not been shortlisted, nor will we reproduce any information from your entry. Therefore, if you enter the Awards, but are not successful in being shortlisted, this will remain confidential. In addition, entrants may mark any commercially sensitive information contained in their entry as ‘not for publication’.

All entries and supporting material will be destroyed after the Awards presentation.


The entry deadline is **16 March 2017 - 5pm (UAE Time)** - this date is final and there will be no extensions provided.

Events must have taken place between 9 February 2016 and 9 March 2017 to be eligible for a MEES Awards 2017.

All categories are FREE TO ENTER with no restriction on the number of nominations submitted.